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There are two base elements, one for light (Antimony) and dark (Arsenic). Create potions by using ('Use' button) base elements when standing over an essence on the floor.

Alchemists can create all potions without risk of failure. Mixing potions with other classes may result in an explosion (damage to health). Most potions with the exception of Herbolaria, Sulphur, Borax and Mercuria can be fired using the Alchemist's liquid gun. Alternatively the potions can be thrown at enemies for one-use high damage.


Base Essence Potion Damage in Gun Flavour text
Arsenic + Borax = Holy Water 1D2 Cleanses the souls of the undead and evil
Arsenic + Herbolaria = Holy Water 1D2 Cleanses the souls of the undead and evil
Arsenic + Malaria = Acid 2D4 Burns the skin of enemies
Arsenic + Mercuria = Liquid Ice 2D2 - May Stun Freezes in contact with the air into a deadly icicle spikes
Arsenic + Sulphur = Liquid Fire 2D3 Ignites in contact with air
Antimony + Borax = Borax Potion NA Reners you invisible for 25 turns
Antimony + Herbolaria = Herbolaria Potion NA Recovers all hitpoints
Antimony + Malaria = Acid Gel 2D2 Sticks to the enemies, preventing them from moving
Antimony + Mercuria = Mercuria's Potion NA Extends health points by 10
Antimony + Sulphur = Sulphur Potion NA Increases power