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Any of the monsters can be your companions, either by using the "Kam Mel" spell to befriend one or the "Rando Melon" spell to transform any companion into one of the monsters. There are however the four main companions that are chosen at the start, the Dire wolf, the Giant Lynx, the pony and the Giant Frog.

Keeping your pet alive may play an important part on your survival; pets become stronger on each level, and by using evolution spells they become very fearsome creatures.

Note that the Dire Wolf and the Lynx are pretty similar in the beginning, it's their evolved forms what differentiates them.

Dire Wolf


Resilient and loyal, transforms into nerve breaking creatures with special skills.

Light Wolf

In-game description: An adventurer's best companion. Can attack while covered by the player.
Special point use: (Unknown)
Abilities: Can attack even when it is on the same square as the player (ie: the entrance of the room)
How to obtain: Cast Lor Ram on Dire Wolf.

Dark Wolf

Hell Hound

Wolf Demon

Divine Hound

Giant Lynx


Agile and unpredictable, transforms into powerful nimble creatures.


In-game description: Strong and deadly, attacks twice per turn.
Initial max HP when obtained: 44HP Initial summon points when obtained: 20
Special point use: When the Tiger attacks twice - uses 1 point. This monster's special points regenerate per floor.
Abilities: Can attack twice in one turn.
How to obtain: Cast Lor Ram on Giant Lynx.


Panther Demon

Sabretooth Tiger

Tiger Demon



Allows you to carry 4 more items.


In-game description: A mighty steed, allows adventurers to carry 8 additional items.
Initial max HP when obtained: 77
Initial Summon Points when obtained: 5
Summon Point use: None
Abilities: Adds 8 carry spots in your item bag.
How to obtain: Cast Hel Ram or Lor Ram on Pony.

Black Unicorn

White Unicorn

Giant Frog


Spits acid at your enemies.
Initial Special Points: 5, Regenerates
Special Point use: Acid spit (ranged) - must use points first even in melee. Does not follow "Acid" weapon trait (Not the Acid alchemy ammo at least)
No alternate forms