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>> The information on this page may be outdated! While it may still be useful, it may not be 100% complete nor accurate. Checking the official game manual may be helpful <<

There four main types of Items: Spells, Weapons, Armor, and Alchemical ingredients.

Spell Scrolls

Allow casting a spell a single time (Elemental masters such as Dumeril Sage can use elemental scroll spells multiple times)

Check Notes about spells for further information.


Weapon In-game description Damage for Non-Arcane Classes Damage for Arcane Class
Ancient Bow Shoots magic powered arrows. (max load: 40) 3D3 1D3 - Can not equip
Battle Axe A trusty weapon which can be thrown. 4 1D3
Bolt Wand Shoots a bolt of magic power. (Ranged) 2D2 - Max charge: 15 3D2 - Max charge: 60
Bow Shoots arrows (max load: 40) 1D3 (Same) - Can not equip
Claymore A massive two handed sword. 3D4 1D3
Dagger A short general purpose blade, can be thrown. 1D6 1D3
Firebrand A sword with a fiery spirit. 4D4 1D3
Flame Wand Shoots a flame projectile (Ranged) 2D3 - Max charge: 10 4D3 - Max charge: 40
Frost Wand Freezes enemies on their spot (Freeze) 2D4 - Max charge: 15 3D4 - Max charge: 60
Justice Sword A gift from the king 2D6 Item only appears with Paladin
Katana A long sharp deadly blade 4D3 1D3
Lightning Wand Shoots a shocking bolt. (Ranged, Shock) 2D3 - Max charge: 10 4D3 - Max charge: 40
Mace A basic blunt weapon. 2D4 1D3
Magic Bow Shoots magic powered arrows (max load: 40) 2D3 1D3 - Can not equip
Morning Star A rod chained with a spiked ball. 3D2+2 1D3
Quarter Staff A long wooden pole 2D3 (Same)
Ruby Staff A long metal staff with a giant ruby gem. 3D4+2 (Same)
Silver Spear A spear imbued with magic powers 2D8+4 1D3
Shock Wand Shocks enemies (Shock) 2D4 - Max Charge: 15 3D4 - Max Charge: 60
Slash Wand Cuts through enemies 2D4 - Max Charge: 15 3D4 - Max Charge: 60
Spatter Carbine An advanced artifact capable of shooting liquid (max load: 40) Damage varies on loaded ammo Item only appears with Alchemist
Spear A long weapon, made for throwing. 1D8 1D3
Sword Standard warfare tool 2D6 1D3
Titan Mace A weapon of the titan army. (Stun) 4D3 1D3
Trident A spear with three attack blocking spikes on its head. (Block) 1D16 1D3
Vanish Wand Strikes enemies with magic 2D4 - Max charge: 15 3D4 - Max charge: 60
Victory Axe A huge two handed axe. 6D2 1D3
War Axe A big axe, can parry attacks. (Parry) 5D2 1D3
Wizard Staff A staff commonly used by wizards. 2D4+2 (Same)


Please note: Only Paladin can equip heavy armor. You may use Kam Gor to upgrade armor defense value of light armor to equal heavy armor, but that spell is rare.

Armor Defense
Adeptus Robe 1 (Only appears with Arcane)
Alchemist Tunic 1 (Only appears with Alchemist)
Black Robe 1
Chain Mail 2
Dark Armor 5
Dragon Armor 5 (Can be equipped by Arcane!)
Leather Armor 2
Plate Mail 5
Ring Mail 3
Royal Plate 3 (Only appears with Paladin)
Samurai Mail 4
Scale Mail 3
Studded Leather 2


Alchemy recipe table, along with product information, is available with this link.

Item In-game description
Antimony This base element of light can be mixed with an essence in the floor to create a potion.
Arsenic This base element of darkness can be mixed with an essence in the floor to create a potion.
Borax The essence of Borax, said to be the gift of gods. It can be grinded and mixed into a potion.
Herbolaria This herb contains the essence of healing, can be mixed into a potion.
Malaria A deadly plant containing the phosphorum essence, can be mixed into a potion.
Mercuria This stone is cold to the touch. It can be grinded and mixed into a potion.
Sulphur Sulphur essence can be extracted from this mushroom to mix it into a potion.


Item In-game desciption
Acid Burns the skins of enemies. (Stackable to 40)
Acid Gel Sticks to the enemies, preventing them from moving. (Stackable to 40)
Arrows Pierces enemies from afar using a bow. (Stackable to 20)
Bandage Recovers 20 hitpoints, stops bleeding
Borax Potion Renders you invisible for 25 turns.
Herbolaria Potion Recovers all hitpoints.
Holy Water Cleanses the souls of the undead and evil. (Stackable to 40)
Liquid Ice Freezes in contact with the air into a deadly icicle spikes. (Stackable to 40)
Mercuria Potion Extends health points by 10.
Ring of Ananias An Amran Abaret Wom'a Sebaret
Statue of (thing) Saved in you statue collection. (Does not take bag space)
Sulphur Potion Increases power.