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Ananias is a single player game, but you can have fun with your friends in the Online mode.

By creating a player profile in Ananias server, you will have access to additional online features.

To create a player profile, go to the "Connect" menu, then use the "Sign Up" button and enter an username, email and password.

Once your account is created, you will get a PIN number which you can use to easily connect with other players.

Adding Friends

Once you have created an account, you can add friends to your circle so that they appear in your Social leaderboard as well as to be notified of their games.

Use the "Add Friend" button inside the "Online" menu. You can then add your friend by entering either his PIN number or his username, then pushing the "Search" button to confirm his identity and finally pushing the "Connect" button.


The score in the graveyard for a character is determined by the following criteria in order of importance:

  • Victory condition: Whether you died or not
  • The depth of your death or victory
  • The number of monsters killed
  • When your character dies and you are logged in with your account, its score will be stored in the server and will be visible in the graveyard.

There are three different graveyards you can access:

  • Personal: Contains your dead characters.
  • Social: Includes the characters of other players in your circle.
  • Global: Includes all the characters on the server.

Grave Sharing

When your character dies, you can share his tombstone so that your friends can share your sadness or joy.

In order to do this, use the "Tombstone" button in the Inventory screen after death.

Statues Collection

During your journeys in the game you might find statues which you can collect in your persistent player collection.

Friend's Notifications

In addition to having your player profile, you can also play with your friends. Note that interaction is not direct (You will not actually see your friends' characters in your game), however you will be notified of all that is happening on their games.

Once your friend has been added, you will be notified of all the events of his games, providing you are playing at the same time.