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General Gameplay

  • You will die. Death is normal. Keep that in mind, and don't give up.
    • Because how far you get into the dungeons depends on random drops and cards, don't get upset when you are not able to get as far as you did before.
  • Do not let yourself or your pet get surrounded by enemies. It will harm your health and your armor too much.
  • Turn order is always: You, monsters (dependent on speed)
    • Exception: If you try to escape a room when monsters are still inside the room (even invisible ghosts), the monsters inside the room will get a free turn before you escape.
    • If you "use" any item (healing, equipment, reload ammo), you will use your turn.
    • Attacking, moving, and throwing weapons all use your turn.
    • Clicking on yourself will cause you to "wait", thus passing your turn.
    • Switching to your secondary weapon does NOT use your turn.
    • Doing an illegal action (trying to shoot too far, trying to shoot at a target that is blocked, using a spell you can not use, using a spell on an incorrect target, using a broken weapon) does not use your turn.
  • If there are no enemies in the room, you can quick travel to any exit in the room or any object on the ground.
  • Always try to kill monsters that can summon other monsters first, as enemy summoners can summon indefinitely, and can swamp you with monsters.
  • The dungeon layout is random, however, rooms will never loop. This means that there is always only one possible way to get from any point A to point B. This also implies that if you have to go through a room full of monsters with a summoner on the opposite side and summoning monsters instead of moving towards you - you're stuck with the annoyance of plowing through the mess.
    • Fountains (marked with blue dots in the mini-map) only affect the player and not any friendly monsters. They are mainly health fountains (+ green numbers), but there are also health max fountains (+ red numbers), power fountains (Stronger...), full health fountains (Refreshing), and duds (Sick...)
    • Not every item (marked with yellow dots in the mini-map) is worth collecting, especially considering the space restrictions.
      • That said - always make room for healing items. You never have enough healing items. It doesn't matter what class you are.
    • The stairs are marked with a red dot in the mini-map - in case you forgot where it was.
    • The only way to bypass a room thanks to the non-looping layout is if you are lucky with Rando Lom. This is a risk within itself, as Rando Lom may teleport you to a room you have been in before, or worse, into the same room, but just on a different tile. And if you get unlucky enough to teleport right into the middle of a monster room...
  • Since you can set up 2 equipment, you should always have a melee weapon and a ranged weapon to switch between.
    • If you have no ranged equipment, have another weapon set up anyways in case your weapon breaks
    • Throwing from your inventory is no different from throwing your switch weapon, so throw something from your bag first
    • Bows (not Pump Crossbow) and thrown weapons must be aimed at monsters that are not adjacent to the player. The player will automatically switch to the switch weapon if the player tries to attack an adjacent monster with a bow.
    • Ranged/Thrown weapons (including ranged wands) require a "line of sight" in order to attack. Walls, solid obstacles, and monsters (both enemy and friendly) can block the projectile. Note that projectiles CAN fly over water.
    • Important to stress that switching weapons does NOT use your turn in the attack order.
  • Monsters are weak to certain attacks, and resistant to others.
    • If damage is displayed as "(number)...", the monster is resistant to this type of attack.
    • If damage is displayed as "(number)", the attack connects as normal.
    • If damage is displayed as "(number)!", either the attack was critical (if inconsistent) OR the monster is weak to this type of attack (if consistent).
    • If damage is displayed as "(number)!!", the attack was both critical AND the monster is weak to this type of attack.
    • There are very (VERY) rare occasions when damage is displayed as "(number)!!!" - the only time I've even seen this is when using Holy Water as an ammo against undead creatures.
    • "Miss", "Block", and "Parry" are written in white. Monsters that Block or Parry your attack may reduce your weapon integrity.


  • There are 7 cards in total. You must pick between 2 random cards every floor, and the 2 cards will always be different:
    • Princess: Hit Points (Will give you +3/+4/+5/+6 HP)
    • Wizard: Hit Points? (May give you +6/+8/+10/+12 HP)
    • Slayer: Power (Will give you +1 Power)
    • Skeleton: Power? (May give you +2 Power)
    • Gypsy: Carry More (Will give you +2 Carry)
    • Lost Soul: Carry More? (May give you +4 Carry)
    • Poki Toki: A Mystery (May give you +9/+12/+15/+18 HP, +3 Power, or +6 Carry)
  • What card you pick will depend on what you want need to upgrade vs. what you have on hand.
    • Having more hit points means you can survive longer, but it also means more healing for you. You will also do better with higher valued armor (provided you can equip that).
    • Power directly affects the amount of damage you deal, regardless of class and weapon. In order to have a significant impact though, you will need a lot of Power points.
    • Being able to carry more items means that you can carry more potions, weapons, armor, bandages, and all assorted items needed for better survival - but you would have to be lucky to have the game to spawn them!
  • Generally, it is more beneficial to pick a guaranteed card (Princess, Slayer, Gypsy) over the mystery cards, however, if you must choose between Poki Toki and (Wizard/Skeleton/Lost Soul), it is more beneficial to pick Poki Toki due to the higher rewards that Poki Toki may give.


  • Get a melee weapon as soon as possible. While the Pump Crossbow can attack at melee range, it still uses up ammo, which is better reserved for ranged attacks.
  • You might notice that you will sometimes lose 2 ammo per shot - it is possible that the Pump Crossbow uniquely works as 2 attacks with one shot (instead of the bow, which counts each arrow with the written damage of the bow). If only 1 attack connects, 1 ammo is lost, but if both attacks connect, 2 ammo is lost.
    • Note: you do lose 1 ammo if your shot misses!
  • Have the Alchemy recipes on hand, so that you know what you are making.
    • It might be a good idea to stock up on alchemy bases, and essences you are really interested in. Malaria makes decent ammo with either base, while Antimony potions help make you more powerful.
    • Keep in mind that the different ammo types have different "elements" (consider monster weaknesses/resistances) and that Acid Gel can cause (Stun).
  • You can switch ammo without fearing that you will lose what you have preloaded. Just note that because you "use" potions to load it into your Crossbow, this will take your turn.
  • With cards, you may wish to focus on Power and Health - you will tend to run your bag full of spaces as you use ammo for your Pump Crossbow.
  • You may wish to also keep a bow in stock in case you run out of alchemic ingredients needed to make ammo - Arsenic and Antimony can be a little rare at times.
  • Remember that the Crossbow is considered a ranged weapon - so the line of sight rule applies for all shots.
  • Alchemists can equip armor up to a default value of 5 - so do feel free to stock up on armor as well.


  • Due to weapon damage penalties, the Arcane can avoid collecting a variety of weapons, armors and arrows.
    • Major exception: Learn to identify Dragon Mail's floor drop icon. It is a defense 5 armor that CAN be equipped by the Arcane, and is a very useful armor to have.
    • Of course, the items that others avoid (wands, scrolls) become your main arsenal of pickups. There is never such a thing as "too many wands"
  • Due to the typically low armor values, it is very important for the Arcane to have high HP and lots of healing items for melee encounters
    • For the similar reason, there should be a higher emphasis in trying to kill at range and killing enemies that deal higher damage first.
  • In terms of cards, a higher focus should be placed on getting Carry More and Hit Point cards. Power can help with killing monsters faster, so do occasionally put points into that.
  • Spell scrolls have one benefit over ranged weaponry: They can target and hit any target on the screen, bypassing the need for a direct line of sight, and bypassing any ability that the target may have that may nullify damage.
    • Do note that Pyr, Jan, and Krak spells are elemental, thus do undergo the weaknesses/resistances of monsters (similar to their corresponding wands).
    • Grav Bom is non-elemental, and thus has a different weakness/resistance table - not that it matters, as anything short of a BOSS getting hit by it is pretty much dead.
    • Remember that certain spells you used in different classes are stronger as an Arcane. Most notable example of this is the spell Mox Mani.
    • Spells are not affected by Power, so after a lot (and I mean a LOT) of Power, you will find that your wands are more powerful than the spells.
  • Don't forget that Arcane come with a Kam Mel spell. This allows you to pick and choose a monster of your liking to be your pet.


  • Stock up on weapons and armor - you should never be without armor.
  • You may choose to either throw weak weapons or use bow and arrow - either way, make sure you have a ranged option for summoners.
  • Always stock on health items. Because you melee mostly, you will get hit a lot. This again stresses the importance of having armor.
  • Getting Power and Hit Points cards is more important than Carry More for this class. That said, do get the Carry More occasionally, as that will help you with item management.
  • Do not let your pet die. You can tank hits, it can not. You can occasionally block and parry hits, it can not. Your pet is basically your second sword.
  • You may feel that this class might be tougher to play than others - this is because all the other classes are predominately ranged classes. Consequently, playing as Paladin really relies on the luck of what gets spawned for you in the dungeon.
  • When you Block monster attacks, it will reduce your armor integrity (thus, implying that you need armor in order to Block). Similarly, when you Parry monster attacks, it will reduce your weapon integrity (thus, implying that you need a melee weapon in order to Parry).


  • Be very careful when sending your pet to attack, moreso than any other class. Remember that even your own friendly pet can block your arrows!
  • Keep your distance. Remember that you can NOT use your bow on adjacent enemies, so always have a melee weapon as backup.
  • When possible, switch off to Ancient Bow.
  • You can equip heavier armor, so do stock up on armor as well.