The only class able to shoot the contents of potions to the enemies; the alchemist carbine is a powerful mid range weapon for which you will need to be continuously finding reagents in order to concoct new ammunition.

The alchemists also has an easier time building support and healing potions, as they can produce them without danger of explosion.


A specialist on Life and Mind magic as well as using magic wands. Its survival depends on using these spells effectively.

The Arcane master can use scrolls without danger of backfiring.

They start without armor or decent melee weapons, but they start with a couple of strong magical weapons


Experts in close quarters combat with all kind of weapons, years of practice allow them to move freely even when using heavy armor and use aggresive tactics while wearing a shield.

They preserve weapons from damage and their Defensive tactics are outstanding


Masters of bows, they never miss a shot and can fire to an increased range. They can also train monsters to obey all of their commands

Their technique also prevents arrows from breaking when used.


Elite soldiers able to parry attacks and slash through several enemies at the same time.

They can perform an Assault attack by running and jumping on their enemies.

They are stealthy, and extremely accurate with thrown weapons.

Their Aggresive tactics are outstanding


They cannot read spell scrolls, so they have to rely on their natural strength and courage to push forward.

Their bonds with nature allow them to recover their health on battle.

As they come closer to death, their strength soars in a desperate attempt to survive.

They charge against their enemies by running and crashing into them

They can use heavy armor without becoming encumbered, and have devastating Aggresive tactics.

Ailorus Monk

A master of martial arts, strikes enemies from the distance with flying kicks and can cause deadly damage even without weapons.

Their connection with the nature renders them immune to disease.

They are stealthy and their Evasion tactics are outstanding

Dumeril Sage

These masters of elemental magic can use elemental spell scrolls several times and unleash their full hidden power.

They can also cast powerful spells without fear of backfiring